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Leasing or buy, live a different experience of wine tasting with DIGBY.

The wine by the glass

Rent or buy?

Digby, an investment to grow revenue.

The Digby by the glass dispenser is a cost-effective work instrument. With an offer less than 200€ per month for a dispenser of 4 bottles, the machine becomes profitable from the first month. Only 2 glasses per day are enough to generate a profit.
You can now consistently offer quality wine because it can be kept 3 weeks without altering its organoleptic properties. Take the opportunity to expand your wine menu. The risk is totally controlled!

A leasing-sale option is offered for 3, 4 or 5 years with all our dispensers, including a guarantee and the maintenance during this period.


Find out the features and performances of your DIGBY!


wine dispenser

The wine
long time conservation
  • Patented hermetic holding system.
  • For all types of bottle, including magnums.
  • Protection of the wine by introducing neutral gas.
  • Special glass filtering UV light for maximum protection.
  • Stabilized temperature per module.
The touch-screen
Simple and Fun
  • Displays details on the wine : vintage, varietal, region, tasting notes …
  • Simple and fun to use.
  • Maintenance screens are easy and user-friendly.
  • You can broadcast images and videos of your choice.
  • The connected features allow a full remote control.
Modular design
  • The assembly of your dispenser is done by modules of 2 bottles.
  • Up to 12 bottles of wine by machine.
  • The temperature is adjustable by module.
  • Precise and settable pouring volumes.
  • Colored LED lighting.
Dare self-service
  • RFID card reader included in all products.
  • Use preloaded or debit cards.
  • USB RFID reader with Digby software to easily loads the cards.
  • The access to your wines is secured.
  • Compatible with hotel room cards and club cards.
Easy integration
  • The dispenser can be encased or simply placed on a table.
  • Easy and Plug&Play to add a new module: no need to change the existing installation.
  • One simple electrical outlet is needed.
  • DIGBY is introducing its new piece of furniture!
Connected device
Manage everything remotely
  • Total access of your machines.
  • Notifications on empty bottles.
  • Enter all the wine details from your computer.
  • Set all parameters, pouring volumes, prices, temperatures …
  • Statistics and overall income.


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